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Supplier Strategies

With suppliers in the U.S. and Asia, we can:

bullet Establish effective new partnerships
bullet Maintain and monitor current supplier capabilities to meet your requirements
bullet Improve product quality
bullet Implement process controls
bullet Ensure appropriate product testing levels
bullet Prevent costly rejections and rework
bullet Conduct assessments and audits
bullet Initiate certification programs

We work closely with suppliers during both new product development and ongoing manufacturing to ensure smooth startups and continued quality performance.

Expectations for Your Supplier Network

bullet Effective and strategic global supplier partnerships
bullet Superior quality, delivery, service, and cost performance from every supplier
bullet Preventive and corrective action plans to minimize and eliminate rejections and rework

Successful Approaches

bullet Establish new partnerships with capable and reliable international suppliers
bullet Develop mutual expectations and benefits
bullet Implement quality system techniques throughout the supplier network
bullet Audit suppliers to assure performance is maintained and continuously improved

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