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Quality Assurance

We develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan for your Quality Assurance System, including these elements:

bullet Strategy, Policy, Corporate Quality Manual
bullet Procedures, Methods, Work Instructions
bullet Organizational Structure and Budgets
bullet Specifications and Product Integrity
bullet Process Control, Inspections, Audits
bullet Laboratory Operations and Equipment
bullet Third Party Qualification and Testing
bullet Customer/Consumer Feedback Process
bullet Continuous Improvement

Practical Objectives for Your Quality System

bullet Optimize your quality team's structure and personnel
bullet Develop a realistic documentation scheme tailored to your company’s needs
bullet Maximize product and process quality
bullet Reduce the costs of inspections and non-conformities
bullet Enhance overall customer satisfaction

Innovative Implementation Methods

bullet Create policies and procedures that combine theory and practicality
bullet Train your quality team to use appropriate tools and techniques
bullet Maximize product and process quality
bullet Implement statistically sound measurement processes and monitor results
bullet Track quality metrics and customer feedback for continuous improvement

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