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Regulatory Compliance

We guide you through the complex maze of:  

bullet U. S. Regulations (CPSC, FDA, FCC)
bullet Industry Standards (ASTM, ANSI, UL)
bullet State and Province Registrations  
bullet EU Directives and International Standards

We interpret how these regulations and standards apply to your products, participate in their development to protect your investment, and ensure that you comply with statutory obligations such as document retention and hazard reporting.  

We also work with you to assure compliance with Licensing and Private Label Program Requirements, and Product Certification Schemes (UL, ETL, JPMA, etc.).  

Realistic Objectives for Your Compliance Program

bullet Identify international regulations and standards applicable to your products
bullet Establish processes to verify and assure ongoing compliance
bullet Assure compliance with hazard reporting and document retention obligations

Customized Approaches

bullet Interpret and explain the applicable regulations in laymanís terms
bullet Integrate regulatory research and planning into new product development and manufacturing processes
bullet Tailor product requirements to your specific markets

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